The Purpose Wedding Sand Ceremony

02 Apr

The unity candle has been around for many years, and it has been used as a symbol of joining two families together by marrying their children. This tradition is changing with time as more families are having more than one set of parents being blended in. There are times that stepparents will be present at these ceremonies. Instead of having to select the family that will light the two candles that ate representing the bride's family and also the groom's family then most families are deciding to have their unique way so that they can incorporate all the members of the family.Many couples are opting for the sand ceremony during their wedding occasions rather than lighting the utility candles. Some couples might not be familiar with this type of ceremony, but it is becoming popular and especially so for the beach weddings. When happens is that a table is placed at the front of the ceremony site and then it can be decorated with the theme of the wedding. Then at the middle of the table, a single vase will be placed. This is a traditional part of the wedding ceremony ad this is the vase which will hold the individual gifts or the contribution from each of the special persons who are going to take part in the ceremony.

Many times the couples opt to choose colored craft sand. One color will represent the groom's family, and the other color will represent the bride's family. As each of the parents is walking down the aisle each will walk to the sand table and pour a small amount of the sand and each of the unique color, and they will do so in alternating colors, and this is going to symbolize the joining of the two families. For the small vessel, the bride and the groom can choose to container close to the utility vase that is on the center table or the parents can carry it around. If it is placed at the center table, the parents can walk to the table pick the set container that is already labeled with cardholders and then they can pour the sand into the unity vase. Many couples also decide to involve their grandparents into the wedding sand ceremony. They can either be present or no longer with us; this is when the couple decides that they would like each of the generation represented, then they should also have the small containers of the sand that is going to represent their grandparents. Ask the expert like Sandsational Sparkle Sand.

When the parents are then seated, the marriage ceremony will then take place, and the couple will walk to the front table and then pour in the sand that is remaining in the two vessels into the utility vase and then they will seal it. This means that just like you cannot be able to separate the two types of sand, the couple should stay together and overcome all the challenges that they might encounter during their marriage together. 

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