02 Apr

Weddings mark the start of new begins. This is where the woman has to leave her father's house to get into matrimony with her husband. Weddings are always characterized by joy and glam. Most people show the willingness to pump in millions to ensure that their wedding is a success and that it creates a long-lasting memory. Thu is the reason why we have very many wedding planners nowadays. There are very many different types of weddings. For instance, we used to have unity candle wedding. However, the unity candle wedding is slowly being replaced by the sand unity wedding.

We have seen an increase in the number of people opting for the sand wedding ceremony. This type of wedding takes center stage, especially in the beach weddings. It is a type of a wedding ceremony that is more piratical for the outdoor wedding ceremony. There are very many things that take place during a sand wedding ceremony. First of all, the couple is supposed to choose the vases where the sand will be kept. There are supposed to be three vases. The third one is usually empty most of the ceremony. One does not pick a vase, but rather choose a decorative glass vase that will create a more decorative result.

There is a lot that goes down during the sand wedding ceremony. First, the groom needs to pour sand into the third vase. After they have done so, the bride will follow by pouring a portion of the sand from her vase into the third vase. To make this more symbolic, sands of different colors are often used. To complete the union, the couple then pours the rest of the remaining sand simultaneously into the third vase symbolizing their unity.

As stated above, the popularity of the sand wedding ceremony has increased in the past few years. One of the reasons why this is the case is the very many benefits associated with the wedding sand ceremonies. For instance, the wedding sand ceremony provides the best alternative for the candle unity sand ceremony sand since some churches find it unacceptable. It is also a very good way of including the children in the vows at the wedding ceremony. It also creates a stunning finished product that can be displayed for very many years and can, therefore, serves as a constant reminder.

Finally, the sand wedding creates a lasting reminder of the vows that you shared. These are some of the many reasons why you should consider wedding sand ceremony.

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